Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a short animated video with the main motive of explaining a business idea in the most concise and expressive way. It is the easiest and fastest way to tell the story of the brand or a product/service that it is promoting. Here is a quick guide to explainer videos and why they are the best choice for promoting a product. Read more

3D walkthrough Animation

In this age of cut-throat competition, you need to constantly apply new techniques to keep your customers engaged to your properties and help them take a quick decision to purchase. One of the best and most used techniques is creating a 3D walkthrough Animation which gives a virtual tour of your property to your customers. A 3D walkthrough animation company is specialized to create a video apt to your requirement. Read more

Digital Signage in Dubai

Digital signage is the new age trending advertising media. They use display through LCD, LED projection and e-paper. They find extensive usage at restaurants, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, corporate buildings to provide exhibitions, marketing and outdoor advertising. Digital world has bridged the generation gap with its extensive usage among every age group. Read more

Waiting Area Video Solutions

Are you into health care sector and don’t know how to improve the waiting experience for your visitors? People Pulse Media L.L.C has some smart solutions for this problem. We make creative waiting area videos educating people about the latest healthcare techniques and the unbelievable outcome from it. Common venues of these videos are health care centers, nursing homes, hospitals, clinics etc, where patients and families are seated for a long time waiting for their turn. So your visitors would have a pleasant and informative waiting experience instead of a boring long wait. Read more

Grow Your Sales with Animation Videos

Won’t it be great if you can get a glimpse of your thoughts in full form? You have a lucrative business plan but don’t know how to approach your prospective customers and convince them to acquire it. Animation Studios will come to your rescue in achieving your target. They create small animated explanatory videos demonstrating your product and services in an interesting way. Owing to the popularity of animation films among all groups of people, these have greater reach and higher chances of conversion. People Pulse Media LLC is a pioneer among these animation studios in Dubai . Read more

Augmented Reality App: Change prospects to real sales

Augmented Reality is a fusion environment created of virtual and real elements. There have been continuous advancements in this technology which has made it a useful weapon in the hands of entrepreneurs in increasing sales. There has been a development in this technology which has made it accessible in Smartphone in the form of easy augmented reality apps. These augmented reality apps are basically software applications which bridges the gap between real world and digital world helping in generating sales. Read more

AHow Infographic Design can have long term impact on your customers?

What grabs your attention better a drab and boring textual depiction of information or a pictorial representation of the same? Obviously the second one! Yes, these pictorial representations of facts and figures are known as Infographics Design. These Infographics are the smarter and lucrative way of conveying your message or information. Unlike drab and boring textual knowledge sharing these pictorial representations are much more acceptable and popular owing to its attractive presentation. Read more

Are you missing out something for your Business? Check out now!

Want to reach your customers and get their instant reactions? Well, then you can try out the virtual reality app produced by virtual reality applications development companies. Virtual reality is a modern interactive technology where the user is immersed in a virtual environment which looks similar to a real world. Users can interact with the virtual world looking like the real world with the help of Virtual Reality (VR) gadgets. Growing cut-throat competition requires new and innovative ideas to reach your customers and compel them to stay with your brand. These gadgets attract maximum engagement from the viewers and thus have higher chances of being retentive and move ahead to conversion. Here are some industries that would be benefitted the most from this app. Read more

Reach your Customers instantly- Check out How!

Are your marketing strategies failing in getting that response you are looking for? You need not worry; here is some amazing news for you. Reach your customers and get their responses instantly. Virtual Reality app is your solution for this. It is an innovative interactive medium, attracting a lot of users. Business houses into products and services can opt for this method for promoting their product and converting prospective customers into real sales. Customers can view the product and if they like the entire experience then they can instantly take a decision. Also, business houses get a positive vibe from the entire process. If you want to create a buzz among your customers, Virtual reality Applications is your safest bet. Read more

Leading Motion Graphics Studio in Dubai

People Pulse Media LLC is the winning player in the game of motion graphics in Dubai. They excel in understanding the concepts of each business and presenting them in the most innovative and interactive way through creative videos. In their words, they make videos that are easily understandable and relatable by people of all age groups. Read more

 3d walkthrough animation company

The business environment is always changing and becoming more challenging. In this age of cut throat competition, it is very important to be unique and innovative, especially if you belong to the architectural industry. Today, there is barely any scope for trial and error. You need to market your product quick and in an effective manner. This is where 3D walkthrough animation technology comes in to save your time and money. Read more

Augmented Reality Apps Promise a Bright Future for Every Industry

Augmented Reality has slowly crept its way into and secured a rising position in the modern world. It has already taken the mobile app technology landscape by a storm and proved to be a diverse driving force across various industry sectors like finance, travel, fashion, etc. But, can an augmented reality app development company help your business improve and grow? Have all your queries regarding augmented reality answered below. Read more

Hiring a video production company is not a bad idea after all

While videos are good for your business as the visual appeal is attracting and convincing. Businesses should not ignore the fact that making video involves a lot of serious work and not just any video would do wonders for their business. A well-curated video will help you meet your business goals. No matter the purpose of the video, as it is going to go live and reach out to your audience it has to be of their kind and best quality. Here are the few reasons which would let you consider hiring a video production company for your business: Read more

How Digital Signage Solutions Can Boost Your Business

Digital signage is all around us. You cannot drive down the road, walk into a restaurant, head to the airport, or shop at a departmental store without noticing a digital sign. Digital signage solutions have become extremely popular in today's world. But, do you really know what digital signage actually is and how can it help your business? Read on to know the answers to the above questions. Read more

Insider Tips For Hiring The Best Animation Company In Dubai

If you want a striking animated explainer video for your company, choosing the right animation studio is very critical. After all, that video is going to reflect your brand's personality. Besides, you would want to leave a great first impression on your potential customers. Hence, a good animation company is imperative for your business. And it won't hurt too if it were the best. Read more

Perks of a Corporate Video Production Company

Corporate videos are now a key trend among businesses. It is usually produced by companies for their own business. A typical corporate video would look like a headquarter tour, interactions with the key members, employees working on their desk, their fun activities, and such things that would tell how they are unique from their competitors and display the office culture. Corporate videos are unlike other large videos that would go running on and on. These videos are short, crisp, and meaningful and involve a lot of creativity. These videos are generally used to upload on websites or in conferences to introduce your business and catch the eye of the audience. Read more

The Go-To Virtual Reality Company To Take Your Business To The Next Level

Virtual reality is a new and cutting-edge form of technology that has crossed all barriers and entered new realms. Today, virtual reality is not associated with just the gaming world. Due to the immense potential of this technology, virtual reality is transforming industries like real estate, architecture, businesses dealing with products and services, medical, film, advertising, etc. Read more

Featuring a few Digital Signage Solution features

Digital Signage is a critical requirement for businesses nowadays and no more just an option. Digital signage arrangements require numerous modules, regularly made up of the substance structures and the executives, media player(s) and a bunch of various extra segments. Read more

How Virtual Reality Can Give Your Business an Important Edge in Today's Digital World
A corporate video helps a lot in promoting your business

Just like a picture speaks a thousand words, a video speaks more than a picture. Today’s audience loves to watch videos as it is captivating and saves them a lot of time to get all the information. As more and more video marketing is being adopted by the businesses you surely encash the benefits of video promotion too. To convince yourself about the perks of corporate video promotion and why it is necessary, read below: Read more

Toss out Waiting lounge boredom in interesting ways

"Being held up in the waiting lounge for their turn causes restlessness in your customers. So, if you have a Waiting lounge in your premises have you made sure that your visitors love your waiting lounge. If you’re done with visitors losing their patience in the waiting area and getting restless on their seat for their turn to come, it is vital for you to come up with an exclusive idea of engagement with a modern set of visitors. It’s obvious as they do not have anything to pass their time with and the anxiety before visiting the professional service providers adds to their impatience. However, have you ever wondered if you could provide some exciting Waiting lounge solutions that keep their mind diverted and engaged? If not, then here we are to help you rescue such a situation on a daily basis: Read more

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