To generate the best ROI (return on investment) on your video, it would be best for you to have some prior knowledge about it. Even though "we as" a reliable Video Production Company will guide you through the process, knowing the following things will help you frame a clear picture of your ideas and create a video "that's effective". Here are key factors that every explainer video must cover.

explainer video

Pictorial representation of explainer video

A target audience: Your explainer video must address your target audience. (Target audience is any one whom you want to see the video and take the desired action. Also, remember if target audience is identified well, better will be the quality of the message you can expect to deliver.)

An effective script: A powerful and creative script is the most important tool for a successful video. It is the foundation upon which the result depends. For the most effective script, consider hiring an outsider who has a fresh perception of your company and creates a video that is easily understandable. (Keep the script short crisp and avoid jargons.). (With reducing attention spans a long and complicated script main result in people switching off of your message in the middle).

CTA - A CALL TO ACTION IS A COMPULSORY PART OF THE SCRIPT: We produce videos as we expect people to take some actions based on your message.

An optimized video time: Make sure your video is short but impactful. Treat this video as a “hook” that entices people to take the next step.

Benefits do not feature: While you may be tempted to showcase the features of your product or service, it's the benefits that sell.

The right voiceover and music: The right voice and music is a crucial aspect of any successful explainer video . The right voiceover and music can just as easily hook your viewers in as they can drive them away.

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