In this age of modern technology, a great deal of attention is focused on the development itself. Every new technology is welcomed which adds benefit to our marketing strategy. Augmented reality and virtual reality are two distinct but related technologies that have become popular in the business of consumer products. The main sectors where this technology finds popularity and are highly effective are Education Sector, Industrial Design, Medical Training, Marketing/Product Promotions, Virtual Trials, Gaming, Architectural and Tourism.

Augmented reality is the ability to insert digital objects into a camera view of the real world, based on information about the scene that is within the camera’s view. Virtual reality is based on the diametrically opposite concept. It gives people an immersive experience by convincing the human brain of something which is really not, through a fictional digital or virtual space.

virtual reality augmented reality

Pictorial representation of virtual reality & augmented reality

Why Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is important for a business?

Here are three factors why it is important:

  • Multisensory engagement - This helps in getting the customers involved in learning about, and using, products in a way that is active.While engaging with customers, four senses that are touch, sight, sound and smell should be definitely employed.
  • Intellectual engagement - This helps in sharing relevant and useful information with customers so that they have a meaningful experience learning about and using the company’s products and solutions.

For every business owner attempting to build a more engaging and lasting relationship with his or her company’s prospects and customers, augmented reality and virtual reality are important capabilities to encompass in planning how their customer engagement strategies will expand. This can be done through augmented reality app Development Company .

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