As businesses keep evolving, one needs to use different and innovative ideas to stay ahead in the fierce competition. One of the latest trend to convince customers to make a purchase is by reaching out to them via Animated Videos. But what makes a great animated video? Let’s know about it from a leading animation studio in Dubai

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Pictorial representation of animation video

Make a story, not a depiction:

If what you make is just about the feature and there's no story to it, it becomes a documentary, not an animation. A story is an essential component that can make your animation increasingly unique. Keep your story comprehending and engaging otherwise viewers will lose interest.

Don’t miss the punch:

Your story should be quirky enough to hold your viewers for minimum 50-second running time. 20 cuts is a good time to limit to your story.

Stay a step-ahead:

Your animation will speak to the group of onlookers better in the event that it draws them into a startling story with a twist that nobody could have anticipated.

Humor works:

It's not so natural to contact the gathering of people and make them giggle. Great humour will give your gathering of people a constructive impression.

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