About us

People Pulse Media LLC started its journey in 2014, aiming to deliver excellent visitor experience within the premises of its clients. Our services are seen by the industry as must have in their offerings.

We curate and broadcast AV content that delivers an experience to the clients to stay loyal. Be it large variety of animated videos / experiential content (Augmented reality / Virtual reality), immersive wall projection games, apps, visitor feedback system and several products to improve visitor & employee experience and organisation efficiencies.

Small or Large Organisations from cross section of industries (Healthcare / Tourism / Malls / Hotels / Schools / Showrooms / Trading houses / factories / convenience stores / waiting lounges ) find our products customizable to their requirements. We are passionate about simplifying the understanding to all ages. We are guided by rule “08-80” i.e. a child of 08 years to a grown up of 80 years and beyond must be able to understand and relate to our content.

Our services go way beyond the conceptualization of ideas. We work to deliver delight to our clients and their customers. At People Pulse Media we are a group of passionate professionals who strive every day to simplify concepts and present them in an engaging manner.

‘Being better than yesterday’, is our challenge every day.
Outperforming our achievements is our motto.

We are a motivated team strictly adhering to ethics and excellence. Customer delight is non-negotiable in our journey to be little bit better than yesterday.

We achieve it by

  • Converting complex message in to simple & easy to understand language
  • Using fewer words and more animation as the language of color and music is universal
  • A mix of creativity, content, animation and audio helps us bring a message to life
  • Working with marketing / communication managers to deliver their video messages to masses

Our dedication and passion, enables us to create impactful animation videos, TVCs and Corporate films and also establish ever evolving TV network of our own, reaching out to 000’s of captive audience every day

Contact us TODAY AND ALLOW US TO HELP YOU CREATE content that’s right for your audiance!

Our Subscribers

Al Shifa Al Khaleeji Medical Center
Al Zahra Hospital Dubai
Al Massa Polyclinic
International Modern Hospital
Rashidiya Private Polyclinic
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