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  • 100 Million Internet users watch video every day online
  • 16 Minutes average user spends watching online video
  • 403% "Australian Real Estate Group reports : Listings having videos got 403 times more enquiries Vs. Listings without videos"
  • 96% of times embedding a video in mail increased the click through rate
  • 90% Online shoppers said they find videos helpful in making decision
  • 80% Users recall watching a video after they have watched it
  • 75% Top executives watch work related video on business websites
  • 65% Viewers visit marketer’s website after viewing the video
  • 64% Of the time visitors are more likely to buy a product after watching a video
  • 59% People would rather watch video than read about a product
  • 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in their online purchase decisions
  • When a video is information- intensive, 66% of consumers will watch the video two or more times.—Internet Retailer (2012)

Explainer Video Animation Company in Dubai

People Pulse Media is the Best Animated Explainer Video Production Company in Dubai, serving Businesses all around the world.

In today’s digital and interconnected world different mediums are being used to reach out to your potential global audience.

Not To Forget:

Well explained businesses, products, services, and concepts are a must to grow your business.

Thus Targeted Animated Explainer videos are an integral part of any business now a day.

Explainer videos produced by these animation companies in Dubai are being seen in Websites, traditional media such as Televisions, social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others.

Animated Explainer Videos have become a key medium to present and express ideas.

These can be fun, interactive and self-explanatory, all at the same time.

Have you ever Imagined, your product selling itself through an animation production.

That is what a well crafted animated explainer videos can do.

According to Kissmetrics an analytics and conversion tool which focus on customer behavior on your site.

  1. After watching a product video, Viewers are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy.
  2. Video now appears in 70% of the top 100 search results listings.

Think about what Audience want and engage with...

Your Audience have moved beyond the written articles and captured images.

They are now expecting something different.

...that suits their busy lifestyle and can convey the perfect message in less time.

Something that will get them hooked.

They are now looking for animated website, animated explainer video, web animation crafted at leading animated explainer Video Company like us.


Experienced Animated explainer Video Company knows what customer what and how to convey the right message in a fun and engaging manner by zealously preserving all valuable information.

Animation companies are at the forefront of digital delivery of animation and infographic messages.

Do you know the second most used search engine? If your answer is Bing or Baidu. Are you ready for a surprising fact? It is YouTube, the video-sharing website.

On social media, 2D Animation explainer videos or 3D animation explainer videos have higher engagements than a text or image.

An Infographic Video or a white board animation are more impact compared to a slide-show of images.

From what we see now.

Soon most of the Internet traffic will be from videos. 3D animated videos, Live shot Corporate videos and 2D Animated Videos will soon take reign.

At People Pulse Media LLC, we pride ourselves on understanding concepts and presenting them in the most creative and simplest way possible through interactive animation videos.

We are one of the few media companies in Dubai, having our own media network.

Our team is passionate in simplifying the understanding to all ages, introduce a product, explain what it does, and say how it will benefit the audience.

Advantages of Animated Explainer videos are:

Grab attention of your audience

According to Consumer Insights team of Microsoft Canada, the average internet user attention span is 8.25 seconds.

Is it bad???

Compared to the 9-second attention span of a Gold Fish, we can conclude it's not great.

The average length watched of a single internet video is 2.7 minutes.

So Well crafted Animated Explainer videos can Grab the undivided audience attention.

Boost your online SEO

Let me tell you a secret, Google loves videos and so does the social media. Facebook promoting Facebook live feature is a simple example.

Increase visitors conversion rates

By having an explainer video on your web page increases the time people sent to your site. That will boost your Search engine Ranking and increase the organic traffic to your site.

Build the needed thrust in sales

For sales, explainer videos can create the trust because animated explainer videos are engaging and grabbing the viewers attention. According to Internet Retailer, likely  85% of shopper is more likely to buy a product, if they first saw an explainer video.

Great for Branding your business.

Dropbox is a great example. With two minutes and the seventeen-second video and a simple button on the home page. They grew from a struggling startup to gaining 10 million customers. In addition, they made a $25 Million revenue with a $50,000  explainer video.

The Different Types Of Animated Explainer Video Services We Provide are

2D Animated Explainer  Videos

2D animated explainer videos are the most common and widely used type of explainer videos. They are suitable for every scenario. Business to business, business to consumer or person to person 2D explainer video works effectively.

3D Animated Explainer  Videos

3D animated explainer videos are more engaging and detailed.

A 3d animated video helps you stand out in the crowd.

3D explainer videos take more time to create as we have to consider every detail so it is more expensive than 2D animated explainer videos.

But if you consider the result than budget and time 3D explainer, videos are the best.

WHITEBOARD Animated Explainer  Videos

Have you heard the term an one explainer video can do the work the work of a 100 great salesperson?

Whiteboard Animated Explainer Videos does that for you.

You can use Whiteboard explainer videos to explain your product, service, processes or business effectively.

B2B and B2C prefer to use Whiteboard Animated Explainer Videos as it works well for conveying complex ideas without losing customers or viewers attention.

INFOGRAPHICS Animated Explainer  Videos

Infographics are huge, on social media.

They are very interesting, which makes them shareable.

Even though infographics are huge, they lack the entertainment and engaging factor of animated explainer videos. With Infographics animated explainer videos you can have the power of both infographics and video.

MOTION GRAPHIC Animated Explainer  Videos

Motion Graphic animated explainer videos are popular for Small Medium Business and Startups.

This explainer video uses Motion graphic design principle to create engaging and easy-to-understand explainer videos.

They can combine with other types of explainer videos. Live Action explainer videos, Whiteboard explainer videos, Kinetic typography animated explainer videos etc to create more desired results.

ADVERTISEMENT Animated Explainer  Videos.

Explainer videos have the power to Persuade viewers to take action.

Advertisement Animated Explainer Videos can increase sales of your products and services more compared to other text-based and other video-based advertising.

PICTURE Animated Explainer Videos

PICTURE Animated Explainer Videos Uses pictures to make an explainer video. We can take a new picture or draw them by hand or digital.

When you have sufficient pictures, we use them to create stunning explainer videos. Cut out Videos, Silhouette  Animated Explainer Video, Cartoon Video are different Picture Animated Explainer Videos provided.

TYPOGRAPHY Animated Explainer Videos.

Using words and attractive fonts to create an explainer video. It is not simple as it sounds.

Need to animate each word and phrase separate to ensure quality. While creating this Animated Explainer Videos we must consider the colour, fonts, music and voice-over. All must go hand in hand to make TYPOGRAPHY Animated Explainer Videos.

WEBISODES Animated Videos.

You can create WEBISODES Animated Videos on the subject your choice.

For Example:

If you are in the healthcare industry.

You can WEBISODES Animated Videos related to health and make it available as either for download or in streaming.

You can distribute these videos on your website, make it available for subscribers and upload it to video sharing sites.

YouTube and Vimeo are popular choices among video sharing site.

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Explainer Video Production Process

We use a Time-Tested 5-Step:

Explainer video production process


    We develop a cool concept for your video
    You share your business uniqueness, to which we club our creative expertise and as an outcome we get a roadmap on what needs to be done


    We convert the concept into words
    One of our team members will work closely with you in an attempt to know your specific requirements and will draft a detailed script, which is then open for edits


    We choose the best style to showcase the idea
    You get to choose a style from our exhaustive range of options. Anything from explainer videos to corporate videos, voice-overs to background music, but don’t worry... we will work together to see what suits you best


    We have the video ready to view and review
    All the ideas, writing and planning will come to life. Our production team will work on everything to give you your awesome video, which you can review and recommend changes if any


With our Animated Explainer Video Productions, we’ll help your business to grab the users attention, boost your SEO, improves convention, builds trust and brand recognition.

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