• Attract Customers, Prospects And Employees At The Point-Of-Decision
    With Digital Signs And Displays
    Set–up vibrant and attractive digital signs where crowds gather and see heads turn! 
    1 - 1000

Digital Signage Company Dubai

Attract customers, prospects and employees at the point-of-decision with digital signs and displays. Set-up vibrant and attractive digital signs where crowd gathers and see heads turn!

  • Maximum Flexibility
  • 1-1000 screens
  • Controlled Remotely
  • Great Ease
  • Flexibility of “Just in time”

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage or Digital displays use technologies such as LCD, LED and Projection to display content such as digital images, video, streaming media, web pages, weather data, restaurant menu, or text.

Various companies and organizations prefer to use the terms:

  • Narrowcasting,

  • Screen Media,

  • Place-based Media,

  • Digital Merchandising,

  • Digital Media Networks,

  • Digital Out-of-home,

  • or
  • Captive Audience Networks

Advantageas of using Digital Signage Services are

  • Normal connectivity sufficient. Low cost
  • Streaming signals not required
  • Multiple content on multiple screens possible
  • Centralized monitoring possible to check non working screens
  • Targeting information by screens possible
  • 10 -100 and more connections possible

Centralized Screen Management

This is the service provided by PEOPLE PULSE MEDIA, where we manage your screens across the U.A.E.

For your customized requirements contact us for more information.

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