For Explainer Videos

We expect 50% of the charges, before beginning the project as an advance payment. The remaining 50% of the charges can be paid after completion of the video, before delivering final product

Refund Plan

  • Before starting the project - 100% refunded
  • During the project execution - 30% is refunded
  • No refund after Voice over.

For Subscriber for Waiting Areas

Annual Fees based on:

  • Screen based plan
  • Advertising and Non Advertising model (Contact us for more information).

For Advertisers

  • 100% on confirmation of campaign directly with corporate houses.
  • Media buying houses – please contact us for further details.

For Digital Signage

  • 50% on Confirmation.
  • 25% on Training
  • 25% on Hand Over
  • *MEDIA DEVICES are supplied on 100% advance payment, no refunds after issue of LPO
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