Client Testimonials

We have been subscribed to the services of People Pulse Media for the last one year. The Videos and the information displayed by them are highly informative and up to date. The patients and visitors at the clinic stays glued to the screens for hours while getting valuable health tips & informations. Highly recommended!!!
Dilip Veliyath
Marketing Specialist, Al Shifa Al Khaleeji Medical Centre

All of the TV programs is very informative and while the patient is waiting for their respective appointment, they are learning in watching People Pulse TV programs
Jamine Andaya
Customer Relations Executive, Al Zahra Private Hospital

The videos by People Pulse are good information for the patients while their waiting time. They are getting good and beneficial information
Monika Mahajan
Administration Executive,Dr. Sanjay Medical Centre

The programs by People Pulse Media are very beneficial, information are easy to understand and suitable for all levels
Sepideh Mohammed
Laboratory Technician, Canadian Specialist Hospital

Broadcast on our screens by People Pulse Media helps our patients to learn and take some useful information in the waiting area and time. The videos are INTERESTING & INFORMATIVE
Bipin Eranezhath
Marketing Executive, Apollo Medical Centre

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