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    For Waiting Areas!
    Tired of people screaming at the reception?
    Are they getting restless on their seat?
    Or Are people leaving because of the long waiting time?

Solution for Waiting Areas Boredom

Engage visitors at your waiting room with Edutainment

Do you have visitors leaving because of the long waiting time?
Are your visitors enjoying their time waiting or are they getting frustrated?
Tired of handing angry visitors inquiring their turn?

Waiting areas can be boring and frustrating, dampening customer experience
Transform your waiting area into an opportunity
Offer a fun space proposing EDUTAINMENT – Education offered as Entertainment

Offer them more than the normal.
EDUTAIN” your customers!

We can help you turn your waiting area in to an interesting place of Education + Entertainment = EDUTAINMENT. We enable you bring relevant health education cum awareness through captivating animated videos. Through animated videos, you can attract and hold the interest and attention of children, youth and adult alike.Show your customer that "YOU CARE". Magazines and news channels/history and geography channels/cartoons on TV shows are ancient.

Animated videos are in high demand and extremely captivating.Captivated animated videos can go viral and create brand recognition.

We provide SMART solutions for boredom of your Waiting area. Allow us to help you. Contact us now! We help you present EDUTAINMENT on TV screens as good as your in-house channel

People Pulse in Health Care Sector

  • People Pulse is a unique TV channel in healthcare sector with largest captive audience and growing fast in the U.A.E. (275+ TV Screens reaching out to over 540,000 unique viewers every month)
  • Structured in Infotainment and Edutainment format. (Applicable to Healthcare and non-healthcare sectors as well)
  • We are equally at ease in working with industries requiring educational material

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